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From course enrollment to college registration and from freshman year to senior year, our guidance staff is here to help you along the way. Feel free to stop and schedule an appointment or just to talk!

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Meet Our Guidance Counselors & Staff

Debbie Kinnibrugh
Class of 2025 (Seniors )
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Adrienne Blackburn
Class of 2026 (Juniors)
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Anessa Golden
Class of 2027 (Sophomores)
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Eva Cabezuela
Social Worker
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Social Work Information

Need to contact Ms. Cabezuela? Please visit the social work requests document, click on the link or scan the code and she will be in touch!


We have included a few websites with scholarship resources for your convenience.

For more region-specific scholarship opportunities, please visit our Scholarship page. Please note that the page is password protected. Please stop by the office or see your counselor for the log-in information.

College Prep Resources

Graduation Requirements

Subject and Number of Credits Required

English – 8
Math – 8
Science – 6
History – 7
P.E. – 2
Health – 1
Career Cluster, Workplace Readiness, or language other than English – 2
Electives – 15
APS Requirement (One Additional Elective Course) – 1

Total Credits Required: 50