Safety is our number one priority. We are committed to delivering students to and from school safely and efficiently. If you would like to register your child to ride the bus, please complete a Bus Rider Information form found on our Registration page.

Bus Rules

Riding the bus is a privilege. We require students who ride our buses to adhere to our rules, for their own safety as well as the safety of others.

  • Our drivers may assign seats

  • Keep the aisle clear

  • Remain in the same seat until the bus stops

  • Keep all body parts inside the bus

  • Do not throw objects

  • Talk quietly – don't yell or use vulgar or abusive language

  • Be courteous

  • No weapons, smoking, chewing tobacco, alcohol, or drugs

  • Maintain orderly conduct on the bus

  • No food or drinks on the bus

  • Keep the bus clean; use the trash can on the bus

  • After boarding the bus, students may not exit until their designated stop

  • Keep hands and feet to yourself

Contact Info

Assistant Superintendent

(575) 746-3585

Wanted: Activity Bus Drivers

We are always looking for great people to work as activity bus drivers. Please visit our Job Postings page for more information.

"I wanted to be a BUS DRIVER when I was a kid. I look at bus driving through the eyes of a little boy. I see it as GLAMOROUS."
- Jim Lehrer