Programs and Curriculum

Making a Difference in the Lives of Children, One by One

Grand Heights ECC is here to serve the needs of all its students regardless of family background or personal abilities. In accordance with state and federal guidelines, we offer a variety of programs and services tailored to fit the needs of our student population.

As an exclusively kindergarten campus combined with the benefit of small class sizes, our teachers have the time and capacity to identify strengths and weaknesses and work with students one-to-one.

Music and Arts

Kindergartners experience and learn about music through participation and play. In fact, there is increasing evidence that active participation and musical training contributes to increased intelligence in children. Bring on the Mozart!

We nurture creativity through experimentation in multiple art mediums. Children learn to see their world from different angles and create beautiful masterpieces to hang on the refrigerator at home.

Discovery Center

Grand Heights is equipped with a Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation STEM Center located in the Discovery Center, made possible by the generosity of local donors. The Discovery Center is where the New Mexico STEM Ready science standards and science curricula (Mystery Science, Elevate, and Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation STEM Curriculum) come to life!

Discovery Centers are collaborative spaces for small groups of students to work together to complete intellectually engaging activities.

We equip the centers with supplies to perform exciting experiments and hands-on technology to engineer student designs. Artesia students receive lessons that get them to ask questions, imagine ideas, design solutions, test concepts, improve designs, and share their results.

Ask your student what’s happening in their Discovery STEM Center!

Grand Heights Discovery Center

Special Education

Our special education (SPED) staff provides kindergartners identified with special learning requirements or disabilities with direct classroom and pullout services. For more information about our SPED program, please visit our district Special Education and Gifted Program page.

Special Instructional Programs/Section 504

Each qualified student within the district who is eligible to receive regular or special education or related aids or services, regardless of the nature or severity of the condition necessitating such programs or services, shall receive free appropriate education in the district. Visit our Special Instructional Programs/Section 504 page on our district website for more information.

Speech and Occupational Therapy Services

Our staff includes a speech therapist and an occupational therapist (OT) who instruct and train children identified with delays in speech, hearing, and motor skills.

We screen all children at the beginning of school. If your child requires speech or OT services, we will contact you.

Title I

Grand Heights ECC is a New Mexico Title I school. This means that we receive additional financial assistance from the government to ensure that all children, regardless of family income, have the resources to meet state academic standards. Title I funds programs such as our before and after school tutoring, reading and math interventions, and ESL.

EL Program

Students from non-English speaking families may participate in the English Learners (EL) program. We provide learning materials, support, and encouragement for children as they learn to adapt and function in an English-speaking environment.

Our Curriculum

GHECC adheres to the NM Common Core State Standards for kindergarten in English language arts and mathematics. For more information about what your child is learning, how you can help, or about Common Core, please refer to the information provided below.

The Specials

In addition to academics, our students have the opportunity to participate in special classes including:

  • Physical Education

  • Music

  • Art

"The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don't tell you what to see." image of pencils