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We think the students and staff at Grand Heights Early Childhood Center are pretty special. Find out why as you visit the page below.

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All About Grand Heights Early Childhood Center

Thank you for visiting us; we’re so glad you’re here! At Grand Heights Early Childhood Center, we have the privilege of educating Artesia’s DD Preschool, Preschool/Kindergarten ACCESS, and Kindergarten students. Our low teacher-to-student ratio and “early childhood only” campus affords us the ability to reach out to our students on a one-to-one basis.

DD Preschool, ACCESS, and Kindergartners who attend our campus enjoy personal attention, including hand-to-hand delivery of students to and from school, access to a variety of therapists, access to a social worker, a full time nurse on location, and highly qualified teachers.

Our Motto

I am feeling important today.
I will learn to be responsible for my own behavior.
I will treat others the way I want to be treated.
I will be honest with myself and others.
I am improving myself daily.
This I do, because I am IMPORTANT!

Be Here for Excellence!

The transition into kindergarten can sometimes be a bit bumpy, as your youngster adjusts to the new routine of getting up and getting ready for school each day. Sometimes mornings can be tough; especially since many children are just learning to get through the day without a nap!

We know there will be days that they just don’t “feel like” going to school. Your kindergartner may even produce a floodgate of tears or pitch a dramatic tantrum to get her point across. While we understand this happens, it is important to establish expectations that school is an important place to be. We appreciate your help as we work together to establish good habits. We want our students to remember to “Be here for excellence!”

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We are very lucky to have an active parent-teacher organization! We invite you to join us for our PTO meetings.

Check out the dates of our PTO meetings.

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Hope to see you there!

PTO President - Mandi Usherwood

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