Central Elementary Programs

We have a lively student body at Central Elementary School - pups on the move. We employ a variety of programs to accommodate and challenge the dynamic energies of our young students. Here are some of the programs that make our school great:

Discovery Center

Central is equipped with a Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation STEM Center located in the Discovery Center, which is made possible by the generosity of local donors. The Discovery Center is where the New Mexico STEM Ready science standards and science curricula (Mystery Science, Elevate, and Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation STEM Curriculum) come to life!

Discovery Centers are collaborative spaces for small groups of students to work together to complete intellectually engaging activities. The centers are equipped with supplies to perform exciting experiments and hands-on technology to engineer student designs.

Lessons are put in the hands of Artesia students for them to ask questions, imagine ideas, design solutions, test concepts, improve designs, and share their results. Ask your student what’s happening in their Discovery STEM Center!

Media Center

Our media center enriches our curriculum and provides a great way for our students to engage with technology. We have all of the equipment needed to help your child get a step ahead.

Visit our library home page to create booklists based on reading level or to search our library holdings.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Our top-notch ESL program was designed for students who come from non-English-speaking families. Our English as a Second Language program offers the encouragement and materials our students need to thrive in and out of the classroom. If you have questions or have not been referred to our program, please contact us

Special Education

Our wonderful special education teachers at Central Elementary School are passionate about making sure that each and every student succeeds.

Special Instructional Programs/Section 504

Each qualified student within the district who is eligible to receive regular or special education or related aids or services, regardless of the nature or severity of the condition necessitating such programs or services, shall receive free appropriate education in the district. Visit our Special Instructional Programs/Section 504 page on our district website for more information.

Title I

Central Elementary School is a Title I school, using school-wide assistance programs to help students meet the performance standards that are required by the state.